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Monday, March 29, 2004

this is love that i'm feeling.

she leads them up the steps, higher, higher higher. she's at the end of our row. she pushes them before her, right up against us. they're small. and they're colourful. and they're going to be loud and afraid.

after the IKEA adventure, heather and i went back to her place and watched various sean bean movies and ate a lot of tostitos. the next day, after a breakfast of boxed pancakes, we headed over to indulge in viggo goodness. tickets, licorice and one mother of a drink later, we're sitting in the theatre. we climbed to the top, the very back row.

and then she came along.

now, what is it that makes a person walk into a nearly empty theatre, and then pick out the seats right next to, infront of or beside those seats already occupied? time and time again it happens.

this was no exception. a frazzled mother and her two bratty kids, who had these damned lazer flashing things.

an idea enters my head. but......no. i shouldn't sink that low.

"c'mooooon. buck buck buuuuckaaaaah! CHICKEN! do eeeet....do eeeeet now!" do you see the taunting i have to live with on a regular basis?

i finally turn to heather, and say just loud enough: "i'm still going to make comments on his tight tight pants and his...derriere."

i am rewarded with an evil glare by the mother, but she moves a few seats away. "good." it says, with a hint of bitterness. aren't i just full of sugar and spice and everything nice today?

just for the record- they were really tight pants.

not that i'm complaining or anything. heh.


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