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Friday, April 02, 2004

an emotional landslide

i bang on pete's door, and a chorous of boys yell various forms of enter at me.

today was the very last day. the last day of being a freshman at university. the last day of classes as a first year. the last day of anthropology, the last day of being on the bottom of the heap. just the last day. before our last class, a group of people put on a presentation of the book of job. it was utterly fantastic.

pete [room mate to the male half of chia] was job. tuesday was yahweh and liam was ha-satan. when job is finally enlightened, pete presented a speech he had personally written.

"woah." pipes up the inner voice. "reminds me of pandemoniumfromamerica."

i tell pete this as we walk towards the unicentre, promising to burn him a copy of the cd.

so, after class i return to my empty room and burn the cd. walking to the dark side of fourth stormont, i cannot help but feel a bit sad. "afterall," i tell myself, "this is it."

and then into pete's room. where i am given whiskey shots and told to be sure to travel safely, and get back promptly for some sort of siva related shindig.

i fucking love these people.


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