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Saturday, April 17, 2004

don't drink the water

i decided that i simply had to go to tibet.

his holiness, the dalai lama, arrived in canada today. he'll be in ottawa in a few weeks, and then for the first time in canadian history, the prime minister will talk politically with his holiness about the crisis in tibet. to celebrate this, ottawa is having a tibet week. dancing, singing, and other cultural events abound. today was bazzar day in a small church in the glebe.

tuesday and i went. we both got prayer flags. i like the belief that surrounds them: by blowing in the breeze, the wind carries the prayers all over the world.

"i could use some of that good karma crap about now..."

when i get home, i buy a phone card because i need to call my mom all of a sudden. it can't wait for some reason, not till after five when its free, not till tonight. now.

talking to her, i sense something isn't quite right.

ok, nothing's been right for a long time. but there's something more here. and then she tells me that raisin has arrived, and he's taking her home. to his home. to my aunt's house, with james too. they're leaving wiarton.

my friends, the shit hath hiteth the fan.


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