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Friday, April 30, 2004

can't touch this

"ah ha haaa HAAAAA!" cries mot as we hit a very very miniscule downhill gradient. "a little bit of speed! faster! faster!"

melissa and mot came up for dinner tonight, which was a total blast. mom warned me it would happen, but i never really thought that i would hang out with my brother's friends. and then i did. and then i slapped myself for not having done it before. and now, james is friends with mot, who i've known since me and melissa met up. so is james hanging out with my friends, or have we just gained mutual friends? can friendseven really belong to just one person?

after dinner, we decided that we wanted to go down to see the water. since mot has a broken leg, we took a wagon down to the water with us and wheeled the crippled boy around.

what service!

[secretly, i think it was more enjoyed by the rest of us then mot. haha, he was pretty funny on the wagon. i loved it.]


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