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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

i'm on fire and now i think i'm ready to bust a move

even though it was nearly eleven, me and james sit up and discuss how we're such a burden to tom. because that's what we've been told. that we're a burden, can you even imagine that?

this is after a day of oddities. first, i have to sign an agreement stating that i am aware that i have been removed as a principal driver from all of the vehicles licensed and insured under howell's fish. my insurance after the accident will be close to two thousand dollars a year, and tom is not up for paying it. [must be that whole burden thing...]. then, the entire afternoon slips by while i read a book based around dinah, the daughter of jacob and leah from the bible. after dinner, as mom james and i are sitting around, mom gets a call from tom, because he's stranted in teviotdale.

yes. teviotdale. home of the ever sought after greasy spoon diner.

after she rescues him, we sit on the couch, talking about being burdens while tom stays in the shop, talking to his daughter. when he comes in, he makes a crack about something that neither mom or i get, and then looks at me and mumbles something about the thursday run.

"the thursday run?" pipes up the vox. "uumm, correct me if i'm wrong, but doesn't that involve driving a vehicle licensed and insured under howell's fish?"

yes folks, it does. but apparently, i have to do it this summer. i really have no choice.

just like i have no choice in my friday night activities for this week, which will involve driving miss queen of the world heather howell to a fish fry, where she will cook fish and i will wander aimlessly around, waiting for her to be done so that i can chauffeur her home. another activity which involves using vehicles licensed and insured under howell's fish.

heh. this is going to be very interesting.

look out world, the girl minus three demerit points and who is apparently unable to make left hand turns- coming at you!


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