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Thursday, May 06, 2004

*draws a blank*

pick up fish. grasp picker in thumb and fore-finger. remove bones from fillet. repeat as often as necessary, stopping only to answer phone and serve customers. Please note that 'as often as necessary' really means indefinately because there is always mroe fish to be processed.

"moan, bitch...moan moan crab crab crabiity-crab..." yeah, sometimes it's cool to have a vox that makes fun of you.

ok, so actually, my job isn't hard at all and i get paid way more than i should for the menial task that is labelled as work in my life. but then i remember my co-workers, those lovely people from small towns who say things like purt-near and youse guys and then talk about how fantastic "reality" t.v. is.

"what if we slapped them with a big assed fillet of splake?"

won't be surprised if i do.


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