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Sunday, June 06, 2004

i know it's not the right thing

i'm engrossed by the hockey series right now.

it's the stanley cup finals, and me, the girl who doesn't even understand icing real well, is paying close attention to these games between tampa bay and calgary. maybe it's because of the importance placed on hockey in ottawa. maybe it's because i'm bored. maybe it's because tom always has it on.

regardless i'm digging it.

tonight don cherry came on, the man that every single person loves to hate, wearing one of his trademary flamboyant suits. half way through his...rant...he jumps up from his stool, exits the frame and comes back wearing a hat with a maple leaf embroidered on it and the words juno beach above it.

i don't think there are enough thank you's in the world for what those two words mean, for what they were a part of, and for what they stood and stand for.

so, even though i think that this hardly does the sixtieth anniversary of D-day the justice it deserves, i still mean it from the depths of my soul:

thank you.


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