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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

the spies came out of the water

halfway across the front of the theatre, i get hysterical.

last night, a what-turned-into-a giant group of people went to see van helsing. we climbed up to the back of the theatre, got evil looks from the older persons and proceeded to talk loudly and make obscene comments until the lights dimmed.

and then...what a movie.

before the theatres were converted, melissa and i went to see planet of the apes because sadly, we had both seen the original and wanted to see the remake. when it was over, we staggered out of the theatre, feeling bereft and as if we had been pillaged.

"i want my eight dollars back!" i cried. and then: "hell, i want my three hours back!"

it's been a long standing movie of comparasion since then. the worst of the worst. yet van helsing almost gave it a run for its money.

key word there being almost. because really, i'd rather stare at hugh jackman than marky mark, when those are the only choices presented.

although hugh never did have a singing career now did he?


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