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Friday, June 04, 2004

tomorrow's just an excuse away

"gold!" james exclaims for the third or fourth time as i exit the ladies room. "pure gold!"

harry potter came out today. millions of children descended on their local cinemas and watched as harry and company battled the dementors, tried to find out the secret behind remus lupin's mysterious potions and eventually figured out just who sirius black was.

i wasn't one of the millions. ok i was, but not for harry potter.

instead, james and chas and i went to see shrek 2, wading through the multitudes of little people present for their favourite wizard.

as much as i want to indulge in my harry potter..."obsession? no...umm....interest? no it's more than that. fandom? what a crappy word. but it'll have to do. fandom."....fandom, i have to admit that shrek was worth it.

it was, after all, pure gold.


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