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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

first it giveth

melissa's elbow and mine meet simultaneously as we stare at the screen in front of us, making eyes at the people on the left.

"see?" she whispers, oblivious to anyone around us. "i TOLD you they were hot!"

when my brother first brought home harry potter, i made fun of it and refused to read it. then, after much badgering, i picked it up, read it and proclaimed it to simply be a rip off of roald dahl's style. then, i read the next one, and then the third one. and by the fourth, i had to admit that yeah, this harry potter bloke wasn't that bad... maybe one could even say i liked him.

but i more than liked fred and george.

especially as they are portrayed by oliver and james phelps in harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban.

"wait a minute..." pipes up the vox. "are you feeling ok? this kid is younger than you. yes. YOUNGER."

meh. looks like my old man fetish may be slowly dying off.


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