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Friday, July 02, 2004

i rarely pray but tonight i'm on my knees yeah

me and my mom were chilling and discussing heather howell. yet again.

sort of a side note here, but i'm finding this to be a sort of strange deja-vue sort of situation, because all i ever do anymore is work, sleep, eat, and talk with my mom about heather howell. can someone save me from this? anyways, less tangent, more wit right mates?

once again, heather howell had pretty much fucked up my day.

"yeah, because her cutting up some fish is so personal eh?" so the vox has a point. i got pissed off because princess cut up some fish.

how juvenile, i can hear the chorous now. however, it was like, the thousand dollar day on the counter and i needed it. end of story. mom asked me what i thought heather earned from all that fish. i know she was looking for an answer that reflected a deeper sense of maturity, both emotionally, and spiritually. however, i couldn't resist what i really wanted to say.

"what has she earned?" i look marmee in the eyes. "my undying disrespect."

i have to admit even i was impressed with my wit.


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