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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

once upon a time when the world was just a pancake

i blink at the screen, and suddenly feel ill.

today was register for classes day. luckily, i was smart and got all of the information i needed well in advance, made up my schedule and had to only fill in course code numbers. after a bit of grief- the system tried to tell me that i hadn't taken the pre-requisite fro intermediate latin..HA!- i hit the assess tuition payment button, and then the student account summary button.

i like carleton's website because i'm math challeneged. it does all the adding for me. all those random fees i'm forced to pay are collected and displayed and priced for me to see. the cost of my year?

ten thousand and forty seven dollars.

this isn't what made me blink though. after assigning osap to my fist semester, i owe my school a whopping seventy nine dollars. seventy fucking nine dollars. and next semester, i'll owe them roughly twelve hundred dollars. so folks- that means that my out of pocket must be paid school fees for this coming year are a whopping twelve hundred and seventy nine dollars. twelve hundred and seventy nine. that's it. that's like, the amount of money i'll make in the next four weeks at work.

pardon me while my head explodes at the sheer joyful ridiculousness of this.


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