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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

can i be buried here among the dead?

my foot hits the floor, and the van just begins to stop. "shit!" exclaims me and the vox at the same time. "it's happened again!"

on sunday night i went into my gramma's house for dinner. kevin and ali are on a week's vacation and we thought that some quality relative time was much needed. the dinner was fabulous- gramma style food rocked the casbah. after soem off colour comments by gramps [which i refuse to retell here on the basis of them being so entirely racist it pains me to think about it] i decided to go over to melissa's house and see if she was home.

she was. we talked and i stole some old clothes and she gave me a goonies tshirt that my boobs are almost too big for yet is possibly the most majestic thing i have ever seen and then we decided that we should go and see the village because melissa hadn't and i would gladly go about eight billion times. so out we went to the kidnapper, hopped in and my foot went styraight to the floor when i applied the brakes.

so we hopped in the olds, saw the movie [immensely enjoyable, not only as a whole but because of joaquin. pardon me while the girly girl comes out and i comment on his..dreaminess...]

and then, i drove home.

with hardly any brakes.

ssssshhhhh- tell no one that i rolled through ever stop sign between owen sound and wiarton and almost hit six different animals...muahahaha, deer killer almost strikes again, except with a toad and i think a fox, it was dark and i couldn't see so well.



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