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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

these are a few of my favourite things

"you have to be shitting me!" i exclaim forcefully, staring at kate's mom in disbelief. "there's two tapes? jesus."

yesterday was the last monday we all had together before we all scatter to the four winds- which will blow us all to ottawa, but that's beside the point. after working for a few hours, i called kate and invited everyone over to her house for a dinner of pesto goodness. dessert, i informed her, woul be "fruit and dough"- in other words, a pie.

we went shopping at good old iga for all the ingredients we needed, which included juice boxes, chicken, montreal steak spice and a bouquet of flowers for laura. total cost: sixty dollars.

next, we went to grey roots to see if we could kidnap candice- alas, jessie had beat us to it but we finally exprienced the "joy" of the circus- i must say that i begin to understand why all those kids looked a little wild in the eyes over at good ole' grey roots. total cost: twelve dollars, but then it was refunded because we only had fiften minutes to look around really. go us.

after calling laura's house, we zommed over there to see if she wanted to come to dinner. sadly, she too was already taken, by sleep. summerfolk always takes it out of you, and she was just plain ready for bed. we gave her her flowers however, and then realized that we had too much chicken. total cost: zero dollars. the flowers were included with the groceries.

next stop was leslie's house, where we stayed for just a moment and then went back to kate's. upon arrival we were greeted by kate's mom, who had been fore warned that her house was being descended upon by an unspecified number of people. she clamy greeted us and i began to make a mess of her kitchen. total cost: let's say three dollars.

for the next hour, i cooked. i finised up the pie and put it in the oven after much ridicule over ym pastry skills. i chopped garlic and made garlic bread out of a nice crusty french loaf. olive oil, pesto, montreal steak spice and garlic salt were smeared on the chicken and it was put on the barbeque. i boiled up whole wheat bow tie pasta and mixed up creamy pesto sauce, tossing it in with the pasta. kate ripped uplettuce and made up the salad. and then- after much ado we sat down and had a damed fine meal of pesto goodness. total cost: two pounds, added directly to my waist. huzzah.

followed by possibly the worst-best-funniest movie i have ever watched at kate's house- the sound of music.

i know it's a classic and all, but i think i may have ruined it for everyone by calling mr. von trapp gayrod, making jokes about him rising to the occasion, laughing uproariously at the lines of the baroness concerning frauline maria and her "never being a nun" [like, what? mr. von trapp's going to de-nunify her or something. and technically, she never was a nun, just a NIT, a nun in training if-you-will. pshaw], and making fun of the horrible horrible singing. if they just wouldnt sing everything, the movie would have been a lot shorter, ken? total cost: my sanity. and the wonderful memories of kate's mom and leslie of the movie. heh.

however, it was all worth it. the entire night.

mainly because of the de-nunifying remarks. heh. priceless.


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