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Sunday, August 22, 2004

these lines of lightening mean we're never alone

after a whole bunch of fish and not enough sleep, i decided to pull out a tarot card this morning and see what it told me. after coffee of course, after coffee. so i stumbled to the table this morning with my pants falling off and coffee sloshing everywhere and managed to pull out a the three of crystals from my mother's innerchild deck.

"hack!" screams the vox, but i couldn't care less. mmm, more coffee anyone?

anyways, my card tells me that i need to seek my inner circle of friends, the people that i am supposed to be with, and play with them. the card depicted little gnome children playing jump rope with a rainbow. [we won't go into the bad sexual innuendos i got out of that right now...] so i sat and thought about it and i pondered and made grinchy faces and then i decided that really, the cartd was telling me that i needed the inner circle of kate.

so tonight i motored to the beach and watched rajassi play and then kate and i went to greenhorns, land of the deepfried everything, bad karokee and even worse singers and had ourselves an evening at the pub. we ate some of the afore mentioned deep fried stuff and laughed our asses off at karokee singers. some old dude winked at me and some young dude sat down and had a chat with kate. kate and i talked about everything under the sun- next year, our relationships with other people, how bad coors light really is, why we think our jobs are stupid, madonna... i think we covered it all.

and then it hit me. "you realize-" the vox has to yell to be heard over the woman droning out dancing matildas in the other room- "you relaize that this is the last saturday night that you have with kate here in the good old grey bruce?"

sometimes i hate the vox for reminding me of things that never seemed that great until they're suddenly not a possibility anymore.


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