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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

new orleans is sinking man and i don't want to swim

anna looks worridly at the toster oven. "they're not growing!" she exclaims, poking the muffins inside for the eight billionth time.

when i arrived at my suite on sunday, things looked like DANGER. laura and i were given the once over from the girl in the corner room and didn't seem to meet approval. i was of course immediately defensive, so it didn't take long for me to assume that these girls were going to be a nightmare. i told leslie as much when we dropped off laura's things at their amazing large apartment.

"evil! THEY'RE EVILLLLL!" i would have continyed but leslie's bed distracted me for a bit.

but after returning home and spending the entire day with anna yesterday, i must admit that my first impression was dead wrong. anna is a sweet girl who can, despite her worrying, bake a wicked mean muffin. she says that's about all she can do, but i don't believe it. her family is polish- which means that i got to see a polish [i think] vogue magazine and listen to the language tripping along for a good couple of hours yesterday. it was beautiful.

girl number two- ashley- hasn't been here a lot but assures us that nothing we do will offend her- so to just go ahead and move her stuff all we want. muahaha...control!

and mystery girl number three- caitlin, who for a few brief moments was thought by kate and i to be none other than the caitlin from last year, which almost induced a heart attack- has been here for a total of maybe...twenty?.. seconds. i think that she's not going to be here a lot.

i think i'm going to go and scam another muffin. mmmmmm....


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