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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

there walks a lady we all know

"BUBBLE!" yells tuesday, her hands cupped around her mouth and her skirt blowing in the ferocious wind. we run towards each other like a cliched romance movie in super slow motion, both talking and laughing the entire time.

today i woke up with the plan to go to ikea in my head. there were some random things i needed- like a pole lamp because my room is dim- and power bars and extension cords and a night table of sorts. tuesday was going to come along, but when we got to talking about it, we discovered that it would probably conflict with the welcome for the first year hums kids that we wanted to go to.

they have free food at these events. why wouldn't i go?

so, we ditched ikea and made no plans, opting for the welcome lecture. the lecture given was great, the speaker was some man who had first gone to university like fifty seven years ago or something. "man....that's...well, that's a looonnggg time ago." tell me about it eh?

afterwards, we found no free food- just the remenants of some fruits and vegetables. there was pineapple, which was terribly exciting as it was the first fresh thing i got to eat in two days. grinchy was there, and said hi to me just as i stuffed a whole tomato in my mouth. classy. he's still the coolest prof ever.

next, we mingled with people, catching up. pete and i talked for a bit, and he really wants me to come and see his house. maybe thursday...i cannot remember what we planned. the bubble and i searched for first years to talk to, but they had all scurried back to wherever they go- so instead we hooked up with liam and went to fourth stormont- our home last year. i think it's fair to state that we were waaaay cooler than the kids up there now are. i mean, there's business people in my room. pah. what is that?

anyways, we ended up going to south keys with anna, and i bought everything from a shower pole to pillows. my room is coming along quite nicely. i even started the manwall again. huzzah.

all i need now is some more pineapple.


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