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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

you know how i do

today an advertisment told me that i could "put more jingle in my sporan." and i had a conversation with the bus driver. but let me begin in the boring way- at the beginning.

today was leslie's birthday, so we all got together to have dinner, even though it's not the traditional friday. i decided that i really wanted to go to the fruit market on elgin street to pick up some fruit for dessert. so off i went, listening to moby.

just as i got to sunnyside and bank, i noticed this girl in front of me. it was tomi, my res fellow from last year on fourth stormont. when i told her i was walking to u of ottawa she told me i was crazy, but she walked a short way with me. we talked about where everyone on the floor was and i learned the secret of the never recieved email list from the end of last year- tomi lost it while she was moving. [she's since found it and has agreed to send it out at some point....it wasn't terribly clear when.]

eventually we parted ways- and my searh for the fruit market began. see, i've never gone there before. i know it's on elgin, but i wasn't sure where it was exactly. so i wandered over towards elgin street.

which wasn't there.

apparently, elgin and bank are not quite as parallel as i thought at this point in the city. so i wandered back to bank, and then after walking for a while, realized that i could now surely get to elgin. i walked to my right, and ended up at this strange intersection that i was stuck at because i had no idea how the traffic worked. there were lines all over the road and people zooming onto and off of the 417. and an abanonded building or eight around me. after finally getting across the road, i walked north a few more blocks before i actually could see elgin street.

[side note- in my wanderings i found the embassy for ghana *and* hungary. go me!]

sadly- when i got to elgin street, there was no fruit market. i was already past it- but i think it was only by a block or two. instead of doubling back again though, i decided that i would just keep going north. and then i found sugar mountain.

i can't even explain the joy of this store. it's true to its name though- there's a mountain of sugar in there. after walking around the store two dozen times, i bought leslie some tootsie roll pops- not because i knew she liked them, but because they were my favourites and i knew that i would get one. aren't i evil?

after all of this, i thought my day was complete- but then i found a store about two blocks away from leslie's and laura's that was full of everything jesus. i mean *everything*. there were crucifixes, [crucifi?] and pictures, and rosarys, and endless other majestic jesus things. i'm going to have to go back there and make a purchase.

finally- i made it to leslie's. we then proceeded to the byward market which was equally majestic. i think i may make it a friday morning tradition to go down there to get groceries and fresh things in the weeks of nice weather that are to come. we bought potatoes, berries, corn on the cob, and this massive bag of spring mix for something like two dollars. then back we went to the house and i cooked up a pretty delicious meal. nobody died, in case you were wondering. damn that poison.

next- it was the adventure home. i walked up to the bus stop only to realize that i had nearly fifteen minutes to wait. so i watched the night life on rideau, and laughed at obvious frosh people in shower caps. then the bus came, and i settled back into moby.

until i was the last person on the bus and the bus driver started talking to me. and asked me if there was a number i could be reached at. was it horribly wrong that i said no and then laughed when i got off the bus, because he was a sad man who also told me that i should have fun before i get old? and he said he would look for me again.

i ponder what he meant by all of that. i think i need to listen to the police's every breath you take and stay away from the number seven. or maybe i should give him kate's number.



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