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Saturday, September 11, 2004

left there on the beach

after i drop kate off, it feels quite quiet.

on friday morning, the plan was to get up early and walk down to all books with robyn to get the books needed for reason and revelation. [funny thing here- so it's sometimes called the r&r class, or i think it is, but after getting the books, i see no rest and relaxation in my reason and revelation future.] anyways, we didn't get started quite as early as we had planned due to sleeping in, but we still walked downtown.

now, carleton is centrally located in ottawa, if you consider nepean and place d'orleans and all the other surburbia that makes up ottawa, ottawa. mapquest tells me that it's eight kilometres from here [carleton] to there [all books], but i'm having a hard time digging that. well, regardless, robyn and i walked down there to retreive the masses of books we needed.

eleven books.

the cash register man rang them through and told me the total. immediate red flags flare up because i am positive that there's no way it can be right. i ask him if he's sure that's it, that the price he is telling me is correct and he patiently smiles and assures me that yes, it's correct, and he knows so mainly because he's sold the same elven books about fourteen times in the past half hour. so i smile and put the eleven books- totalling a mere one hundred and sixty eight dollars and seventy six cents- on my debit card.

then it was the bus back to sunnyside, where robyn showed me a fantastic fruit and veggie mart where i bought two pears, two oranges, a massive bag of srping mix and some renee's salad dressing for a mere seven dollars. and then home, where i put my feet up and cursed the hotness of the day.

the feet up lasted only a few minutes though. kate messaged me on msn- which i both love yet think of as the devil- to ask me what the plan was. so i called her, and opted for staying in until i heard that les wanted to rent jersey girl and watch it at her house while eating shrimp.

yes. i use my friends for movies and food. heh.

so back downtown i went, this time opting for the bus the entire was as me poor leggies couldnae handle another trek adventure. i arrived just as the shrimp was finishing, so we ate that and then dashed off to the movie store to get the movie.

alas for us, it wasn't there. so we racked our brains, les and kate and i, for a movie that would be both very girly, and yet still highly enjoyable. we had finally agreed on tomb raider [i'm not sure how this qualifies- i think it may be because we all think angelina kicks a lot of ass. i mean a *lot* of ass] when i suddenly remembered a great jane austin flick that we'd all enjoy.

so home it was with mansfield park which was enjoyed by all the masses. i consumed copius amounts of sugar and then had to go home with my tag along mate, tag along kate. we stayed up to late looking at moby pictures- decided he had a nice dog- and then this morning we planned on going to the national art gallery. it's a sin that we'd never been.

sadly, i'm still a sinner because we never made it past third avenue on bank street. first, we were distraced by the many numbers of garage sales by the school. it seems that the south end of ottawa was having a large rummage sale and everyone was involved. i saw many things before i saw it- a non-steam iron from the late fifties to mid sixities with box and instructions. after some debating, a walk to look at used clothing and an excellent lunch of falaffel at the glebe cafe- it became mine. oh iron- maybe tomorrow i'll iron my underpants. talk about excitement.

next- it was down to south keys where i bought winter boots [ugly], some milk, five notebooks, some black pens, a pair of imitation running shoes [which were ugly to me at first but i am slowly loving them], the big golden book of latin verbs [pardon me while i drool on myself from excitement] and popcorn that has greek instructions on the bag.

after returning home, i cooked dinner, kate and i watched the goonies and i drove her home.

no wonder i feel like sleeping for three days.


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