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Sunday, September 19, 2004

we can dream this night away

" i think....i think i love you." i suddenly eye the boy i've just totally molested with a disapproving eye. you can't trust drunken professions of love, of this i'm quite sure. especially when they come from people younger than you.

last night really started with a run to the liquor store with amy, kiersten and lindsay in the middle of the afternoon. all together, we bought over two hundred dollars of alcohol. read that as- the potential for damage and danger.

at seven thirty, i headed over to fourth stormont [the home of last year] with kate from downstairs. there, we were met by robin, amy and about fifty first years whom we were escorting over to the party house. it took two otrains and one big assed bus and a ten minute walk, but eventually we arrived at the house. tuesday was already well on her way to being drunk, and i soon joined her.

now, i'm not one for major parties. usually i'm quite astonished at the number of illict activities that people participate in. however, instead of being a passive watcher, last night i was an active engager. once again, read- we smoked a lot of pot, drank waaaaay too much alcohol and acted outrageously stupid. or at least i did.

debauchery of note: the child molestation i comitted. smoking cigarettes with tuesday. i came home wearing a shirt that wasn't mine. my sweater was soaked because greg spilled water all over me. i threw water at victoria because she interrupted my child molestation. dennis, sausage pizza drunk man from last year, called me hot. i promised pie to a lot of people. gold schlagger in sara's room with victoria and [i think] liam. or maybe it was tyler? cat calling tuesday when she took justin upstairs. walking up to justin, grabbing him and saying "HAWT!" to him. getting licked by tuesday- because she wanted to make out with me, and i told her no. petting people's hair. giving wine to the first years after having to be aided and abetted by a third year to get said wine open. she totally broke the cork. professing my love for humsboy to tuesday. [shit- did i really do that? ohhhhhhh my good god...] dancing. sleeping with no pillow face down on a hardwood floor. spilling my drink in my lap.

the list goes on, but i have to get to the airport.

ewwww- public transport.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

there must be photos of this



Blogger James said...

You know, I COULD be an annoying little brother here....


Blogger Katy said...

if there are pictures i want some!
i can't believe i missed out on a show like that to watch Benifer!!


Blogger meg said...

guys, i'm sorry. there's no pictures. maybe i could fake it and just take some pictures of myself rolling on the floor. but then i'd also have to find a young'un to make out with.

maybe next time. and totally without the young'un.


Blogger Heather said...

I still can't get over the fact that made out with a young'un. It's so wrong, man!


Blogger meg said...

it didn't seem so wrong at the time. heh.



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