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Thursday, September 23, 2004

i was happy for a day in nineteen seventy five

autum here is crunchy, like a french loaf.

regardless of that, class this morning was quite interesting. we were looking at the gospel of mark, and how it's a jagged, not very well put together little book. because our teacher loves us [ha! i hear you all laughing] we get a break right in the middle of class. five glorious minutes.

i'm sitting with victoria and lindsey- aka sasky- and humsboy is right in front of me. apparently the get together that i missed out on last night wasn't as spectacular as everyone had wanted. people are tired. victoria is sick and drinking tea.

"it's triple echinacea." she tells me.

"i like cranberry tea when i'm feeling poorly." i tell her. "with honey. lots of honey."

humsboy turns around. "did you just call me honey? sweet."

and me, your eternal dork, responded: "i know how to say 'greetings my honey' in latin."


Blogger Carencro said...

Sure it wasn't Whiskey, and Did someone else say they prescribed Scotch,,,,

and sure it wasn't honey and lemon, and it you had wwas a cold,,,,
or maybe it was vitamin b complex and or Vitamin C or maybe GinSeng,,,, the most likely choice for me,,,,


Blogger Katy said...

at least you didn't show all your geek, and tell him you know how to say 'greetings, my honey' in elvish... oh wait, humsboy might think that's hot.



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