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Saturday, September 25, 2004

burn idols for love

today was a total extravanganza.

first- it was the trip to the fruit market, where i purchased an entire frickin pineapple for a mere three dollars. [note- usually pineapples are like six dollars. so this is tremendously exciting.] then, i came back to the ottawa home and i baked pie. three pies. and i don't even have an oven. next, it was onto the general tutorial of alcoholic/professor goodness. then- it was driving in rush hour traffic, rocking out to u2. heh. gotta love that new song. then it was dinner, and a movie-

and then a yelling man crushed my soul because i obviously have issues with lane changes in downtown ottawa. meh.

tomorrow's looking good though- the four girls [meaning caitlin, anna, ashley and i] are going to go downtown to tour parliament and maybe hit up the market and the art gallery. and then at some point- church.

yes, i'm wondering if i'm feeling ok as well.


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