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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

we're strange allies with warring hearts

"scandalous!" the vox screams [re-appearing on the internet after a long and restful break.] "SCANDALOUS!" i assume the repetiton in a much louder voice was to really get my attention. not that it needed to yell- the sane half of me was thinking the same thing as the crazy half of me.

they way things are set up here at school is that the residences are at one end of campus and the majority of the academic buildings are at the other end, over by the river. everyday [except for when it's forty below and beautiful and sunny and your snot freezes in your nose] there's a constant line of students trudging back and forth between these two areas. it's a slight incline, heading towards the land of academia. as a result of this miniscule incline some people have to walk extremly slow lest they exert themselves physically in any way.

anyways- a few days ago i was walking behind the. slowest. moving. person. ever. when he suddenly turned away and i was left with a view of the girl walking in front of him. she was short, with dark curly hair accentuated with some lighter strands. sunglasses on head, hoop earrings and shiny pink lip gloss.

and possibly the most scandalous pair of pants i have ever seen.

i'm of the opinion that no one ever told this poor girl that white is a colour that doesn't leave much to the imagination. especially when it's a thin, see-through white and you're wearing three stings to make up your underpants.



Blogger Katy said...

you know, if there weren't people out there who skanked it up all the time, then we wouldn't know that we weren't skanking it up all the time, and we would never know what we're missing. i think it's good that you have a 'scandalous' pants girl at your school, that way, you'll know where you are on the 0-scandal scale.



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