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Monday, September 27, 2004

oh and i say damn your mood swings

kate and i talk on the phone a lot.

i mean, we never really have anything to say that's deep or meaningful in a world changing way or stunningly majestic, but we do talk a lot. it's usually about whether batman wears and underpants under his superhero garb, because he's already got underpants on the outside, and does that make the underpants on the outside actually underOVERpants, mutual friends or what and how much cheese i've consumed each day.

[today- five slices of no name old cheddar and three slices of premium havarti with fine herbs and spices. mmm...death by cheese...]

anyways, a few days ago as we were nattering about the simple nothings that fill up our time, kate asks me if i've noticed anything online yet.

"what the fuck are you talking about?" i ask her, thinking randomly about that moment in the boondock saints when the brothers mcmanus catch rocko copping a feel from the passed out stripper.

"you've been linked." kate delivers every line she ever says with such percision it's almost painful.

from her commets proceeds general exclaimations of surprise, horror but mostly joy, with me and kate screaming at each other while i eat cheese. for real. because it's obvious i love talking about myself. and knowing that some random people i've never met [maybe. person for sure] read about the mundane happenings of me fulfills item number seven hundred and eighty three point six on my to do list- pimp myself out, electronically, to the world. attention whore is a good saying.

the webbernet- it's a beautiful thing. heh.

[i'm pretty impressed with that sentence, just to let you all know.]


Blogger Katy said...

was that a pun or just a weird playing with words thing, is there a specific term for it? and we don't talk THAT much do we?


Blogger megs said...

i think it was supposed to be a pun. haven't had coffee yet so i'm not really sure. eeeeeeuugghhh......


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't get it?




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