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Sunday, September 26, 2004

they know that they can't dance at least they know

that's it, i've got it figured out. i'm living with a bunch of crazies.

this morning, i rolled out of bed after a good nine hour sleep. the girls and i went on a tourist extravaganza yesterday, touring parliament, visiting the national art gallery [they have daumier's third class carriage... i almost exploded from sheer joy] and shopping in the market. that's always an adventure as the vegetable sellers are very competitive. i never knew there was a difference in field grown tomatos...

anyways, when we got home i wasted some time and then i went to bed fairly early for me. and then i woke up and made a delicious fruit salad. and got more gossip on the roomies.

last week caitlin broke up with her boyfriend and immediately proceeded to shag the guy from the other side of our floor that she smokes with. last night she brought home her old camp counsellor and shagged him as well.

if i can steal a phrase- there seems to be a lot of "shag shag shag-er-ty shagging" going on around here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what an excellent phrase to steal



Blogger Katy said...

Too bad it's not some kind of contagious disease, like polio.



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