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Friday, October 22, 2004

everyday is like sunday

i crawled under the van, cursing my bosom and the small stones digging into my back.

"hooookay." i exclaim, looking at the myriad of rusty and shiny parts in front of my face. "what the fuck am i looking for again?"

i called my mom yesterday to tell her about the exploding van, and she told me to call back to talk to tom this morning. so after going out and looking, not having a friggin clue as to what i was looking for, i called tom, told him what i saw, and he told me what had happened.

option number one: the fan belt has left the building. thus, no air ciculates into engine, and engine overheats. when engine overheats, engine expands, so fluid is sucked into engine. when engine cools down, engine contracts, and fluid is pushed out of overflow valve. hence reason for fluid on the ground.

option number two: there's a hole in the rad or one of the lines that is connected to the rad. thus, all the fluid in the rad drains out and causes the engine to overheat.

after going out, getting real dirty, poking a lot of parts, i'm pretty sure the fan belt is still there. which means that my rad is buggered most likely.

damn vehicles. i am totally taking a mechanics course after i finish my undergrad in humanities. that'll make for an interesting resume.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

why do you infect my thoughts so effortlessly? you are at once fascinating and despicable. like a train wreck i cant take my eyes away. you are who you are and what you are is wonderful.



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