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Sunday, October 17, 2004

your head can't rule your heart

after an incredible day of reading- we're talking over two hundred pages here- i decide to spend some real quality time on the internet. sadly, or maybe not-so-sadly depending on how you look at it, i only ever go to a random few sites.

so, after checking to see if any new news about u2 had been posted, whether or not moby had updated his journal, i went ahead and hit up all the other journals i read. nothing new, [hey people- surely to GOD you can post something, even if it's about what you didn't do], so i went back to the beginning and laughed my arse off for a good hour and a bit, spilling my salad dressing all over myself and choking perodically on almonds.

klassy with a 'k' and loving every minute of it.


Blogger Katy said...

you better not choke. i don't know what to do if you choke, so you will probably die. also, i don't think anyone else need know what i didn't do all weekend.



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