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Thursday, October 07, 2004

don't let it slip away

i woke up feeling like i was going to toss my cookies, blow chunks, talk to the porcelain princess, spew, puke, vomit etc. etc. etc...

[side note: why are they so many words for throwing up?]

anyways, it's not because i'm a hooker and got some weird std or am pregnant or anything- it's because i am going to see my entire family tomorrow. it's been forever since we were all together last. in fact, it may have been all the way back to last christmas. that's horrible.

pardon me while i go and ralph from the sheer excitement.


Blogger Katy said...

you forgot about guelph


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the boots ...



Blogger megs said...

so do i. i think that they might be some powerful if i get them out on the town. watch out all you seventeen year olds! oh yeAh....

*slaps self*



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