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Sunday, October 03, 2004

wanna let it burn

caitlin and brad [shagee number two, right after the boyfriend left] are drinking in the suite tonight. the campus bar is closed, so we're left to deal with an evening of drunkeness.

all in all, it was pretty funny. brad is a pleasant and amicable man who starts speaking in bad accents once you get two or three drinks in to him. the scottish one is passable, but we had to guess at his austrian one. caitlin is petulant, but in that funny, non-annoying way once she gets liquered up. and ashley and i find everything hilarious- especially since we're stone sober and can't seem to prop talkerly or move without crashing into things.

maybe the pineapple was fermented?


Blogger Katy said...

but how was your date with Mark?


Blogger megs said...

he didn't say a whole lot, except that the end was near and that the son of man had arrived. and then he yelled about the end of the world for a bit more. and then i ate pineapple and gave up on him.

it didn't go over very well in all honesty.


Blogger Katy said...

sounds like the guy who stands outside the Rideau Centre, yelling about Jesus.



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