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Monday, October 25, 2004

it's a long, long road

the peanut butter melts as it comes in contact with the heated bread. the jam oozes through the liquid matter, spattering across the table as i wave the bread around, watching ashley rub her eye makeup around her face.

it's three am on a monday morning. my teeth are caked with the remnants of honey, cranberry tea and peanut butter. my legs are icy cold, frozen by the cold draft that creeps through my open window. my eyes are scratchy and i've got the shakey feeling one gets when it feels like possibility in the air.

kate bush is on the radio. socrates calls to me. is sleep even an option on a night like this?

my hands twitch as i consider the next move.


Blogger Katy said...

OH GOD!!! what was the next move!?!?!? don't leave me hanging here!!! the suspense is killing me!!!



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