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Saturday, October 23, 2004

i am married to your charms and grace

in the same shopping trip that involved me getting super excited about a mop and that cheese, i succumbed to the music whore deep within my soul and bought myself a new cd- the first one since august.

interpol's antics is smashing. you all need to run out and get it. seriously. treat yourself.

in other news, last night i made myself a dinner worthy of a fancy restaurant. soft boiled red potatos, green beans, pork chop in soup and a hearty salad with two kinds of cheese. i even arranged it nicely on the plate.

then i sat alone in my suite's kitchen, peter gabriel blaring from my computer, and enjoyed my food creating combination. the only thig lackig was a nice glass of wine. and maybe a candle, to make it less, oh i don;t know, stark?

sounds sad and slightly pathetic, but it was perfect.


Blogger melissa... said...

i too went cd shopping for first time since a relative forever. i had interpol in my hands, and em made me put it back. that and she warned the boy at the counter that i couldn't buy it.

you dinner sounded lovely. bravo to you for meaghan time.


Blogger megs said...


go, buy it. it's so good. tell em to suck a rotten egg. you can never spend too much money on music and books. and food i think, because sometimes you just have to buy the expensive cheese. bam.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love asiago



Blogger megs said...

ma cherie!

have you perhaps begun to think that i've fallen off the face of the earth? i have a book written in letter form for you if i ever get off my arse and send it to you. i'm sosorry about the lack of mail-age, but so-crates has been eating me brain. really.

oh this is smashing.



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