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Saturday, October 23, 2004

well i said lily, oh lily i don't feel safe

tonight, despite the impending doom of the so-crates [yes, so- crates, just like in bill and ted] essay, i went to see a play based on irvine welsh's trainspotting with ashley, anna, kyle and dave. [the latter two being very odd, very distinct friends of anna. i think kyle loves anna. i've been singing a trademaked made up meaghan song all week to her about it. she may possibly hate me, but it's nothing compared to the hatred i have of her syrup. more on that later.]

anyways, the play.

i must to admit that i didn't know how they were going to turn that book into a play. it's so harsh and painful and beautiful and sad and ironic and how on earth do you capture all of that in a just under two hour play? the tickets were promising though- plastic syringes with a peper advertisment for the date and time. i'm sure i posted about this at some point. even with the promising tickets, i was skeptical about the production being able to capture the essence of the book.

but the result was smashing.


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