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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

one headlight

today i was a naughty girl.

[side note- whenever i hear the word naughty i think of nicole kidman, skanked to the nines, rolling on the floor in a tiger rug yelling "don't stop! don't stop!" and barking like a dog. sounds like soft porn, but it's moulin rouge- really.]

anyways, after dashing to class and arrivng at exactly six past the hour, i looked to where i regularly sit, and the only seat left was the buffer zone.

last year, humsboy and i established that in a lecture, it's much better to have at least one empty seat beside you and the next person in your row so that you can twitch and stretch and sit sideways and move around without disturbing the shit out of the person beside you. we maintained this tradition through most of last year, and continued it this year.

until i stole the buffer zone today for personal use.

ha! take that buffer zone!


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