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Sunday, April 27, 2014

blame it on my add, baby

i am standing in front of one of the stainless steel work tables we have, sliding pieces of lake trout into vacuum packing bags and listening to aaron tell me about his strange dreams from the night before. he explains that he dreamt that he won a car in the roll up the rim to win campaign tim hortons wages on unassuming folk every year. with a twist.

"the cup turned into bacon" he says. there is a brief pause, my hands held midair. "and then into chips."

i throw back my head and laugh.

it's been an odd few days. i went on a date last wednesday with the older brother of an acquaintance from high school. we pushed a stranded jeep down a rough trail in shin deep snow. i met his pet alligator. we got lost in the forest. there were snacks. we made out like sixteen year olds. we've spent a portion of the last three days out of four together. i know i'm hardly one to talk, but he is an exceedingly odd duck. i'm not even sure what to think, but maybe that is actually ok.


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