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Friday, April 15, 2011

one part just needs the quiet

there's a strong wind from the east tonight.

i was convinced that there was a raccoon in my kitchen attic for all of five minutes because of the amount of wind blowing in through the vent in that part of the house. the window panes are all rattling in their frames, and i'm rethinking my wardrobe choice for tomorrow morning.

i have strange marks, scratches and bruises up and down my forearms. my hair smells like woodsmoke and wine. my feet are cold, with blisters in the arch of the right one, and my heart is warm. i've been drinking more coffee per day than any human logically, or sanely, should. i've been staying up too late under three and four and five blankets, and getting up too early to toast and jam.

james is coming home on monday, and mot a few weeks after that. in between my sister turns thirty and i'm going to candy violets for a cake i need to bake in june.

april feels like dancing this year.


Blogger Saroja said...

I like this. It warmed my heart on a chilly evening. xo



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