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Monday, March 14, 2011

ignite your bones

i made one freaking delicious meal this evening.

the kitchen is trashed, but not too terribly, and i should probably be cleaning it up, but i am instead lingering over the last few sips of heady italian wine in my glass and listening to a random selection of music my ipod is picking out for me. the cat is curled up on the love seat across the room, full, no doubt, from the insane amount of chicken she managed to pilfer from my guests this evening.

i feel like staying up all night with candles lit, talking about relationships between things, and why all i want to eat is grapefruit, and what would happen if i decided to go backpacking for a few months, and how much i want to grow tomatoes this summer, and why coffee is so effing delicious, and a thousand other things.

come over and stay- i'll make a freaking delicious breakfast in the morning.


Blogger Saroja said...

I WANNA COME OVER A STAY!!!! Le sniff. I miss our ramblings and dreamy planning and, god, do I ever miss the infamous Lisle Brunch.

sending much love your way, my lovely lemon.



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