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Monday, March 07, 2011

we live together in a photograph of time

i woke up this morning shortly after seven, the cat grumbling beside my head and the radio turned up far too loud. i was finished with coffee and toast by eight, and spent the next five. freaking. hours. cleaning, because i had an epic fail when it came to being a responsible adult this week.

i seriously found a coffee mug in my shower. seriously.

when i walked downtown, it was to return a few movies (one of which made me cry semi-hysterically for about five minutes because of how dead on it was to so much of life) and purchase a chicken. i ended up buying a bottle of a blended shiraz from the liquor store. i was carded for the first time since i was twenty-one.

i am now listening to music from five years ago and drinking an entirely different red than the one i purchased- a gift from the evil step mother.

oh monday-is-my-saturday night, you're pretty awesome.


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