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Monday, February 28, 2011

as my hands adjust your hair

i had this terrific flashback to being thirteen this morning.

(i'm not sure if i mean terrific in the archaic sense or the modern. because, really, who wants to be thirteen, ever? it's terrible and terrifying and so confusing. but at the same time, there's so much potential when you're thirteen, so many possibilities. i'm inclined to think that my flashback was a little bit of both, to be honest).

anyways, in my transportation to FOURTEEN YEARS AGO, i can feel the rug i'm sitting on- it's braided and is pale blue and ivory. there's a dresser acting as a sideboard off to my left, and a futon that's in bed mode behind me. josh is sprawled on the rug slightly in front of me and to my right, and carly is in the rocking chair behind me to the left. we're watching music videos on much, making fun of them, trying to decide if there's a plot at all, and just, in general, being mouthbreathers.

all of this was brought about by youtube suggesting i watch elton john music videos. i'm not sure how elton figures into being thirteen, but it certainly made for quite the pretty mental picture.


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