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Friday, January 28, 2011

with the lights down, it's more dangerous

two mornings ago, i awoke to this terrible, terrible death clanging from my basement.

i should note here that my basement is very much like the basement set from the evil dead in that it's a mostly dirt pack floor, there's weird little side rooms with dark and mysterious corners, and more than half of the space is taken up by a huge freaking rock. i don't much like going down there, to be honest, especially in the dead of winter because i have to use the holy-hell-scary trapdoor from my pantry, which is pretty much an almost guaranteed injury in and of itself.

but i digress.

the terrible terrible death noise was coming from my furnace. after much hullabaloo, calling of the uncle, tracking down the furnace man and climbing in and out of the evil dead basement no less than seventeen times, i am- and have been since about five a.m wednesday morning- heatless in south bruce.

i guess this could be construed as slightly romantic, but to be honest, i'd kill for warm feet right about now.


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