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Sunday, April 18, 2010

there's a few things i need you to know

"second!" i exclaim, my right hand making wild motions. "second!"

on friday night i managed to sneak in a little bit of time with my other family. after pulling up in front of a house that is a second home to me, melissa and mot and i spent a good thirty minutes gesticulating madly and laughing and talking until barb told us that we were making her uncomfortable, looming as we were in the foyer. we moved to the kicthen and over cups of coffee i gleaned small bits from two people that i love like nothing else in this good green world.

after mot returned upstairs- exam studying beckoning- i trace small designs on the tables with my fingers as melissa and i jump around from topic to topic. we decide suddenly and abruptly to go to the mall so that she can drive my car.

it was hilariously wonderful. it was also an excellent chance you control freak yours truly to let go a bit. and i definately enjoy a new sort of respect for my teacher, who only laughed three dozen times while i cursed the baby jesus and tried to start on a hill just 'one more time'.

of course, my night with melissa wasn't long enough. we decided, though, after a conversation that involved me screaming "FUCK! GUNS!" whilst at work that really, because of how busy the next nine weeks of our lives are, we're really going to be seeing each other next week, in terms of time-scale recognition.

come on, next week!


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