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Friday, April 09, 2010

you get what you give

so, the other day i watched iron man no less than three times.

well, ok, i fell asleep part way through it both the second and third times, because it was on more for company than anything. but still. that's an awful lot of robert downey jr. for someone who isn't perhaps the biggest of fans.

the thing is, when i see mr. downey junior, he irks me. that's the only way i can describe it. i'll be watching a movie with him in it, and suddenly, i lose track of the plot and the story and can focus solely on the fact that in front of me is himself: mr. robert downey junior. i've examined this reaction on a number of occassions and have boiled it down to the fact that somehow, i recognise the addict in him.

i mean, he was arrested driving down one of those famous [and, in my head, absolutely positively stunningly gorgeous] boulevards in california with cocaine, heroine and a big effing gun on the seat beside him. [i also must admit that i picture this in a convertable, and that it is also slightly fabulous]. after that, it was a series of probation, jail time, getting arrested for walking around sans shoes at weird times with drugs in his system, and then even more probation. all of these facts and more add up to a character who, quite honestly, irks me.

but, the thing is, i had this dream a few months ago. a terribly vivid and weird one that i was sad to wake up from. it would take far too long to explicate fully, but in my dream mr. downey junior was my therapist.

and he was so fucking nice. inexplicably nice. bending-over-backwards-to-accomodate nice. professional nice. lovely nice. just goddamned plain fucking nice.

so, since then, i've started warming up to good old robert. in fact, when i saw sherlock holmes in january, he didn't once irk me. i forgot entirely that it was this guy who once drove down that fabulous boulevard with drugs and guns beside him and instead saw this amazing character brought to life. also, i found the fact that he played a brilliant opium addicted character maginficent on so many levels.

i have to admit that maybe i've actually become a little robery downey junior obsessed in the past week. [i have discovered that he is shorter than i am. and that he is arrestingly hilarious. and that he has a lovely singing voice]. i blame the insane amount of chocolate and the weird weather we've been having.

and i am so stoked for iron man 2 it's not even funny.


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