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Sunday, March 21, 2010

running down the road like loose electricity

i've lost my glasses.

i'm fairly certain that at some point in the nightly disturbance that is nim trying to make a nest they were knocked off the bedside table and are now hiding either under said table or the bed. however, anyone who wears glasses knows that if you lose them , it's nearly impossible to find them because you can't see.

instead, i've been enjoying peripheral vision that is 20/20 as of late. i'd forgotten how much nicer it is to be able to actually clearly see what's going on all across your field of vision rather than interpreting blurred images.

i also forgot that people think i wear coloured contacts.

with my new form of unobscured vision, though, i've suddenly realised that mom's basement is a terrible mess and that since the parental units are due home sometime tomorrow, i should focus on perhaps vacumming up the obscene amount of cat hair that has collected.

ah, vacuuming. maybe after just one more coffee.


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