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Friday, March 19, 2010

and it's been all over you

the phone buzzes in my ear, an eerie monotone after the ugly cacophony of vowels and consonants directed at me just moments before. and here i thought i'd heard every combination possible to make words didty and insults sting.

apparently, i was incredibly, horribly terribly wrong.

however, since it comes with the territory, i simply shrug it off, and spend the next few hours replaying the same message for eveyone that walks in the front door: "ice....wind...no fish.... boss back....next week" and et cetera and so forth and so on until i actually begin to think that i am stuck in some kind of weird parallell universe where time stands still.

except, of course, it doesn't, and now it's nearing supper time and sunset, with streaks of golden light all through the trees in the east.

i emailed someone a piece of music just now. i'm hoping it can maybe help bridge a pointless and stupid rift that's opened up between us. i thought i knew how to fix whats come between us, but i seem to be lacking a starting point.

melancholic violins and eerie piano: don't fail me now!


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