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Thursday, May 01, 2008

time is on my mind, yes it is.

i seriously haven't a clue where the past two monthes have gone.

oh, wait....

ottawa, snowstorms, driving across ontario with owen and mike, the caribbean, countless cups of rum and lime juice, swimming in the ocean, sleeping on a balcony, chasing crabs, driving, flying with white knuckles, cleaning, fish work, more fish work, smashing through ice in georgian bay, wearing rubber boots, relsihing a remarkable bout of srping weather, dreaming big and feeling nauseous, attacking nim with a chopstick, travelling and driving, baking various and sundry goods, reading for hours about herbs, sorting old crockery, painting the fish shop, sleeping, eating, more eating [and cursing my expanding waistline, as always], signing legal papers, dreaming big some more, emailling, more fish things, and all rounded off with a healthy dose of just being.

what a dose of hello all that was. i can't even put it all into words.

so, hello!


Blogger Saroja said...

Yesss! A new post. I've been waiting! :)



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