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Monday, January 21, 2008

just see how far it will go

i am finding the cold weather to be positively delightful.

my ears burn where i got frostbite once, and my nose runs, and my left eye waters until i have bits of icy tears stuck to my face, and my legs above the knees always kind of feel like frozen meat popsicles, but really, despite these minor annoyances, it's delightful to watch plumes of breath float skywards, and to see imprints left behind by others days [or even weeks] ago in the snow banks that line my walk.

i'm also partial to the high, clear skies and the intense shades of colour that seem to permeate everything when the sun sets in such cold weather.

yes, delightful is the best word for it.


Blogger Stephen.King said...

Its just plain cold, soggy and miserable here. Lots of gray. Lots of rain.

Oh, by the way, never thought I'd meet another person who has read the Abhorsen trilogy. I rather enjoyed it, actually.



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