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Monday, December 03, 2007

i got out of bed today, swear to god i couldn't see my face

i couldn't sleep last night, even after trying every trick in the book. or, well, every trick in MY book.

i wandered around our house in the dark, relishing the different temperatures of each room- our kitchen is hot, our dining room mediocre, and our living room is consistantly morgue-like. outside, the glow from the yellow-orange street light wavered as huge flakes fell from the sky, piling up at an astonishing rate outside.

when sleep finally claimed me- after three, nearly dawn- i had the most vivid dreams. lace and taffeta and sparkles and walks along the tops of cliffs with familiar-but-not girls are still behind my eyes, even after double coffee and apple butter for breakfast.

i am going to find a shovel and spend a few hours shifting the show in our parking lot around. i wouldn't dream of driving on a day like today, but it'll maybe clear my head a bit and get me to sleep at a decent, dark hour tonight.


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