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Friday, November 09, 2007

fireworks over lake michigan

my mind keeps wandering to summer.

one day, andre and i had to clean bathrooms. not that this was out of the ordinary. it was more that the bathrooms had become so ordinary that the thought of spraying down another toilet or wiping another mirror had reached beyond unbearable- it was pure torture.

earlier in the day, we had been discussing television. hbo came up, and, inevitably, the series that start there and eventually make thier way to mainstream television [or not]. we talked about deadwood especially.

and the language.

every other word on that show is cocksucker. the cocksuckin' idiots cocksuck every cocksuckin' thing they can. [seriously. it's awesome].

so, when delegated to spray more toilets and wipe more mirrors, they became the cocksuking mirrors. and the mother-fucking cocksuckin' toilets. and eventually, it became hard to breathe, between the laughter and the noxious fumes of that wicked bleach solvent we used on everything.

i have to admit that a very small part of me misses those kind of days.


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