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Sunday, August 19, 2007

sunday was a bright day yesterday

about a week ago, i marched into the fish shop, picked up a thawed piece of fish from last novemeber, and ran my tounge quickly and decively across its skin.

i'm finding a level of peace here, a pace of life that seems to be agreeing a little too well with me. the limestone and cold water combination has yet to woo me completely into itself, but i have this sneaking suspicion that it may trump granite, for all it's worth.

today there's been a million and one phonecalls before we've even opened. i have to serve customers and then, later in the afternoon, drive to summerfolk with salads and tartar sauce and see what exactly it is that happens when kevin and james and mot attack a folk festival wearing tyedye.

on wednesday i'm stealing melissa for a boatride, and unpolluted starlight.

quite simply, this is fantastic.


Anonymous carly said...

Hey megs~

i miss summerfolk.

maybe one day, I'll get my shit together and play there.
hahh, wouldn't that be amusing?????

I miss you.



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