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Monday, August 06, 2007

did i imagine?

this might be it, you know.

i've stared at the empty space stretching below any words i've written here in the past month and have become at once under and overwhelmed by the sheer ridicuolousness of throwing out random tidbits to the internerd. at the same time, there's something in me- probably the vox- that refuses to quite give this up. it's vain, selfish, and really, attention-whorish of me, but i quite like the thought that someone, somewhere stumbles across these simple nothings and maybe gains a chuckle, or a smile, or something from descriptions of myself acting a total fool [as it ususally seems].

that, combined with the semi-eject i've decided to perform in my life has pushed me toward trying one last time, allowing access to small thoughts and happenings while back in fishland may keep me sane.

well, my version of sane, at least.


Blogger 3rd daughter said...

i stumbled upon your words and am so glad i did. i giggle and smile everytimet. not that i have visited much lately. still love the way you write. keep going :)



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