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Thursday, December 06, 2007

wake up in the morning

i've only managed to half dress myself today.

luckily, that half-ness was the pants part.

i've spent hours reading things; old speechs, poetry, parts of the gospels, just about anything that caught my eye today. i managed to clean my room- all hail the mighty vacuum cleaner and its ability to banish dust rhinos!- and create a cohesive list of christmas gifts for the upcoming weeks of social ridiculousness.

and the entire time, i've been listening to the beatles.

i associate them so closely with my father, and days spent at his house after he and my mother separated. countless dinners were had accompanied by the soft sounds and ridiculous accents of lennon and mccartney, harrison and starr. i'd forgotten about so many songs, partly because i've not heard them for years.


to be frank, i can't believe it's been years.

and i can't believe i waited this long to re-introduce myself.


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